How to Make Local SEO Work for Your Business

Local SEOLocal SEO is becoming more and more popular, especially since geographic based marketing is catching up. The follow article will present three efficient local SEO ideas that will help increase the rank of your business in the search engines for any keywords you choose.

Putting yourself into the shoes of your customer and starting to think like them is the most effective local SEO tips you will ever learn. To understand the way your customer searches online you need to look into their mind. In other words, you have to look at what a person would enter into a search box when they are trying to find your site and the products you are selling. Let’s say that you are running a furniture store where you sell all types of furniture such as tables, chairs, beds, etc. On the other hand, will the searcher be able to find you if you specialize in office furniture and they search for “table?” Will your site and products match up to that search? Most definitely not. However, if they search for “office computer table” then that will be a suitable match. You need to stay away from broad keywords as the conversions are pretty low, even if they are popular and bring in a lot of traffic. You should, instead, opt for keywords that are not quite as popular but are more targeted and offer a greater chance of bringing in a customer.

Your content should be geared towards the area you are aiming to rank for. This will help you gain the attention of the search engines and of the users in the area. In other words, if you’re aiming at some area, you should write things related to it and are important to those people. Write stuff that relates to them in more than one way. Thinking out of the box helps here because your goal is to connect with your audience on a local level, which can only work when you relate your content to their interests.

Last but not the least; in order to rank in the search engines for a certain geographical location you should host your website on a server that’s based over there. Since the search engines will connect your site with the location of the server, this will earn you more SEO points. So make sure you check your server’s location before you host your site, because it can make a huge difference. Generally speaking, local SEO has a bright future and will simple grow substantially. Thus, you should be enjoying the benefits now before it becomes too complicated.

Google Penguin Algorithm Changes and What It Means To You

Penguin UpdatesThe entire web has been shaken up by the Panda and Penguin updates, and people are trying to adjust their marketing. Even people who only do pay per click advertising through the Google system are going to be affected by the changes. If you want to keep a cool head about you, even with the building hysteria, you simply need to seek out some really good and solid information that will help you. Looking at the wider perspective, you should be fine for the most part if you have been doing the right things. If you need to change your website, do so and then move on to the next thing.

It’s a brave new world with search marketing, thanks to Google. Quality and updating are what the whole thing really boils down to. The thing that is most important is to know that these goals and requirements have always existed. In addition to link diversity, marketing deserves a fair amount of diversity as well. The thing that we’ve always heard is that every website is a single Google algorithm update from total annihilation. This is also true when you do search marketing but keep your eggs in just one basket at a time. It is important that you keep your efforts, particularly your content, as diverse as you can. It’s important to encourage sharing on your site and the best way to do this is by employing a variety of formatting when it comes to your content.

Particularly over the last couple of years Google has been working really hard to keep as much spam as possible off of the Internet. This is not the same thing as traditional spam, which is usually done through email. In this case Panda and Penguin are after something called “content spam” which means a site and content that are of low or bad quality.

If you’ve been keeping yourself informed this isn’t going to be surprising, but not everyone is that diligent. Along with content spam there are obvious SEO concerns which is still spam in the form of link spam. Google labels anything, whether it is a backlink or a piece of content, that isn’t up to par as spam.

You’ve probably also heard the word “infographics” a lot lately. Infographics are images and graphics that is incredibly relevant and that contains appropriate descriptions for the graphic’s file names. If you would like to learn more from infographics, you need to make sure to use them as links within your internal link structure or even going through external authority websites. Use these images alongside a Pinterest marketing funnel to help them become even more powerful. So what is very clear is you can do more with images and failing to do so is wasted marketing. You’ll see more efficacy from graphics that are high quality but this should be obvious.

If you have found out that Google’s Penguin updates have given you a bunch of stuff to do, here is the best way to go about taking care of everything. Go one step at a time, particularly if your issues are optimization as well as content based. Make sure you think about the anchor text for your backlinking campaigns–if that is on your list of things to fix. Before you do anything else, address all of the bad site URLs as well as taking care of any problem issues that might have arisen.